Delivery terms

1. Goods are shipped from the nearest warehouse within 1 business day of payment (you can always inquire by e-mail or phone how long we will deliver the desired item).

2. The delivery service is provided by the company AB Lietuvos paštas. All orders are sent through this company.

3. More information about working hours, delivery time and services of Lietuvos paštas can be found at

4. If the ordered goods are delayed, we will immediately notify you of the contact details on the order form, the reasons for the delay and the next delivery date.

5. The goods are delivered throughout Lithuania. If you are interested in delivering abroad, please contact us at

6. You will see the shipping price in a different way in the shopping cart.

7. You can see the shipping time for each item.

8. Important: When ordering goods, make sure the order address is the same as the one you entered on the order form.

In case you have not received the goods or the parcel has been damaged, then email us. by email –