Bazilikas eterinis aliejus by Goddess Essentials (Ocimum basilicum) 10ml


Bazilikas – daug teigiamų savybių turintis eterinis aliejus. Tinka šalinti stresams.  Energizuojantis, koncentracijai gerinti. Adaptogenas. Nuo nerimo ir liūdesio. Antistresinis.

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Basil (bot. name: Ocimum basilicum L.) is an aromatic herb that originated in Asia, and is popularly known among the locals by the name – Tulsi. The potent and extremely helpful herb has obtained the nickname “Queen of herbs” owing to its distinctive and unique properties. Basil oil is a powerful essential oil with herbaceous-minty fragrance that instantly facilitate sharpen and clear the mind, and even helps relax the nerves.

Helps Relieve Stress

Goddess Essentials Basil oil is calming in nature and works as a natural relaxant. whether you inhale it or apply it on your skin, basil may soften discomforts from migraines, nervous tension, anxiety, depression, fatigue, strain, and different mental conditions. Basil Essential oil provides a refreshing feeling on an individual. Thanks to its positive result on a person’s nerves, it’s used wide in aromatherapy. If you use this oil on a daily daily basis it will deliver positive mental strength and mind clarity.

In addition, Basil provides positive side effect – as it can impact reduced blood glucose levels.

Facts concerning Basil

Basil is packed with nutritious compounds and has extremely helpful properties. It is also videly used to treat various diseases and health conditions. Basil grows not only in Asia but wildly and in massive amounts all across Europe. It is also very well known for it’s properties here. For example in Greek, the word Basil comes from “Basilikón phutón” which means “royal” or “kingly plant” because of its place of origin and growth.

This herb is irreplaceable supply of vitamins A, C and K. Basil has high antioxidant and antibacterial properties also is rich in manganese.

Some historical facts about BASIL. The herb Basil originated from the Pacific Islands and tropical Asia. However, after its medicinal advantages were discovered, it began to be grownup throughout Europe and US.

In India, this herb is holy in Hindu religion and is associated with gods – Vishnu and Krishna. As a spiritual tradition, folks chew Basil leaves before partaking in spiritual ceremonies. Another tradition is inserting the Basil leaf on the chest of an individual. Basil is also used in China in Ayurverdic treatments and different ancient Chinese medicines.

Basil essential oil (by Goddess Essentials) is extracted by cold steam distillation from the leaves and flowering buds. Following area unit the chemical compounds found in Basil oil:
Methyl Chavicol


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