Geranium essential oil by Goddess essentials (Pelargonium) 10ml


Geranium – perfect oil to reduce your stress level. Works relaxing.

Is suitable to apply on skin – has cleansing effect, tones and shrinks. Removes acne. 

Has calming effect elevates your mood.

Boosts your confidence, improves concentration and focus.

Whomes use it during PMS period. Lengvina PMS. It helps during mood swings, during tension or sorrow moods. 

Good to be diffuse around teenagers when they have hormone storms.

Is used for slimming massage. 

Fights well bad body odder, especially when mixed with lavender essential oil. 

Is used well with diffuser together with Levander and Eucalyptus essential oil. 

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bot. Pelargonium roseum x asperum


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